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Written by Theresa Corbin The Islamophobia industry (indeed it is an industry that rakes in millions of dollars selling hate) has created a bit of rhetoric that is divisive, misleading, and infuriating. Rhetoric: Why don’t we hear the moderate* Muslims speaking out against extremism and terrorism? This question is slung around the media after any psycho with […]

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Happy Birthday Umi/Uhkti!

Blessed birthday wishes to you Sis Aishah! May Allah Ta’aala bless you today and every day!

You give so much of your time and support to us members of MWA that to give something back to you – when you are ready to publish your first book, Mindworks Publishing would like to publish it for you as a gift. Your Book

Thank you and may Allah Ta’aala reward you for all that you do!!

Love you!!

With hugs and sisterly kisses to both of your cheeks!

Dear Aishah, Love Sis Zabrina

This is a little note I found at the website of Imam Suhaib Webb from 2008. Subhan’Allah…what a blessing it has been over the years to know my dear Zabrina. Love you for the sake of Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala habibty.


zabrina_a_bakar_islamic_motivational_book_series_life_is_an_open_secretAs a Life Storyteller, Dr. Zabrina A. Bakar, better known as Sis Zabrina by her readers, is the author of the bestselling motivational book series ‘Life is an Open Secret’. Her motivational stories are based on true life daily happenings. Her writings are grounded in spirituality, and the aim of her stories is for the reflection of minds and hearts of her readers. For her, Islam is easy to follow, simple, relevant and complete.

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