To Aishah from Saira Anwar

MWA Member Saira Anwar

To my dearest sister Aishah

You’re the reason my spirits always take an uplift, you are the best ever given gift and blessing from Allah swt

Our unity is the pillar of foundation in my life.

People come and go in your life. Some of them are special to you, and some of them you wish to forget.

Since joining MWA I felt at home and peace and a strong unity of sisterhood. I thank Allah swt for guiding me to MWA and to you. You are a precious gem of sisterhood unity.

Lots of love and duas always.

Saira. ❤


Poem from Hafsa Waseela

MWA Member Hafsa Waseela

Alhamdulilah for Allah blessing you into our lives.

May our sisterhood and unite in both worlds survives.

In all walks of life we meet different sisters;

Some give us love; some give us blisters.

But since I’ve joined MWA I felt it like another home besides my own;

I thank Allah for guiding me to MWA and to you and others as He sits on His throne.

Jazakillahkhayr Habibty


Dear Aishah,

‘Eid mubarak and thank you

from the Muslimah Writers Alliance.

Jazakillahkhayr habibty.  ❤


MWA Member Janette Grant

For Umi/Sis Aishah Schwartz:

Your kind words and your seemingly tireless support have been inspirational. My dreams had been deferred until I first came across your delightful blog, Aishah’s Journey, where your words reflected an image of a Muslim woman that was funny, courageous, tender-hearted and yet still connected with the world without being misled by the world. Jazak’Allahu khair, beloved sister. I pray that Allah Ta’aala will reward you continually for that which you have brought into my life because He knows best all that you have done. You are loved and cherished, Umi/Ukhti: Mother and Sister: A nurturing friend.


MWA Member Farah Kinani Heydari

Dear Aishah , I remember when I first told you about my kids book “Ramadan”; you were very supportive and , right away, you started posting about it in every site you administer. It really warmed my heart ❤ I wanted to tell you Thank you , Jazak Allah Khayran, and know that you are one of my inspirations.

Enjoy your special day.

“When you do things from your soul, you feel a river moving in you, a joy.”


MWA Member Grandma Jeddah

Assalamu Alaikum Sister Aisha,

May Allah reward you bountifully for all of your time and effort with MWA. May He bless you to see your reward in this world and the hereafter without decrease.

Your Sister in Islam

Thank You From Grandma Jeddah

MWA Member Hend Hegazi

Sister Aishah greeted me into MWA with a detailed and well researched post, and I felt warmly and genuinely welcomed to the group. Her kind words of encouragement are always sincerely appreciated. Jazakum Allahu khairan, Sister Aishah, for your hard work with MWA and your support. May Allah reward your hard work and your intentions, and give you good health, happiness, and strength of iman always.

MWA Member Sr Janice Tufte

We come across special people in our lives

Some we see regularly, others…never actually meet.

Despite all odds, relationships continue to thrive

Other times we might not even greet.

Finicky we are as individuals in need

Seeking support from one another, honest and pure.

We all have the opportunity to lead..

Friendships like ours is how we build our own cure.

A poetess I am not. As I walk

I seek solutions through action

Not only just talk

I work to find traction.

Thank you is not enough to state

The kind feelings we at times truly embrace

We know Allah knows our fate

Good deeds we run, in the same chase.

Thank you Dear Sr Aisha

Jazzak Allah Khairun

MWA Member Khudaija Nagaria

I came across the MWA forum accidentally when I was joining facebook groups for marketing the magazine I work for, early this year. There Sister Aishah Schwartz introduced herself to me and asked for my introduction. Ever since I have been a part of MWA. Sister Aishah is very supportive and takes an initiative to promote every individual’s work to her best capacity. I am really grateful to her that because of her endeavors of running this group, I got introduced to Sister Elizabeth Lymer and Sister Iimaan Ismail, both of whom are well known writers Masha’Allah. I am working with them both, Alhamdulillah. I also made friends with beautiful Sa’diya Nesar and Saira Anwar and acquaintance with a lot of other writers from across the globe. My heartfelt du’as for Sister Aishah. I do not have enough words to thank her for providing us a common platform to express our needs, worries and work with like-minded people. Jazakillahu Khairan Katheeran Sis. May Allah swt reward you abundantly for your sincere and selfless efforts for His sake. Aameen! I love you for the sake of Allah swt.

MWA Member Maria Limehouse

Thank you for everything Aishah. Saha Eidek.

Dear Aishah Maria Limehouse

MWA Member Nia Malika Dixon

Dear Aisha, May Allah reward you for all your efforts! Thank you so much for being a supportive Muslim sister to all. With Love

MWA Member Sa’diyya Nesar

You have been so kind

As not only our sister friend

But rather our mentor

Where you would lend

Advice for us to grow

As writers with no end.

You have opened doors

For those that are new

By giving us pathways

That we never once knew

Where we learn to flourish

And also gain courage

To try and see our works go through.

We only wish you experience rasool’s kindness

One day

Where Allah would open His Jannah doors

Your way

Just like you have showed us kindness

But 70 times as more

Where we hope you’d reach 7th heaven’s floor.


MWA Member Sameerah El-Siraaj

A special note of thanks, gratitude, and love for you Sr. Aishah. It is because of you that I joined the Muslimah Writers Alliance, and it has opened new doors, and great opportunities for me. You was nice and welcoming from the jump. You took time out of your schedule to promote us for free, and gave us extra exposure. You constantly encourage us to strive in our endeavors, and remind us to support one another. The group has given us another platform from which we can express ourselves, and for that, I am greatly appreciative! May Allah reward you…Ameen!

Jazakhullah pic 1-jpeg

MWA Member Shannon Abulnasr

Asalam alaikum, and Eid Mubarak my dearest sister Aishah. I hope you had a blessed Ramandan, and wish you the best this Eid and future Eids inshallah. You are an inspiration for so many people, and so many people, including myself are grateful for your contribution to society through the MWA, by giving Muslim women a platform to share their works, and to help promote one another. Your work is appreciated, and I know it is a lot of work, and wanted you to know that it is not gone un-noticed or un-appreciated! THANKS SIS! Love you for the Sake of Allah.

Shukran from Shannon

MWA Member Elizabeth Lymer

Thank you for your interest, encouragement, and support of my work, thank you for your advice, and thank you for your friendship mashaa’Allah. May Allah grant you blessings at ‘Eid, throughout your life, and in the next, ameen.